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Have you lost money following the purchase of stocks and shares through a stockbroker, if so these shares could have been mis-sold and the shares you have purchased could have been unsuitable for your attitude to risk or your circumstances.

If you have lost money then you could be owed thousands in compensation, we can put in a complaint even if the stockbroker you purchased the shares through is no longer trading.


What are Stocks & Shares?


A Stock or Share represents a share of ownership in a company. 

These stocks and shares can be sold by a broker as a way of you investing money in the hope of getting short or long term growth from the Capital you invest.

As Stocks & Shares are subject to high levels of risk the money you invested can go up as well as down.


How Can Stocks & Shares be Mis-Sold?


When selling shares the broker has a number of requirements that they need to ensure are met and discussed to make sure Stocks and Shares were the right Investment for you and your circumstances.If you have made a loss then it could have been that the Stocks and Shares were mis-sold to you and you are able to try and claim back your losses, even if the broker that advised and sold you the shares is no longer trading you could still be able to make a complaint.

All cases of potential mis-sold stocks & shares are different. Your stocks & Shares may have been mis-sold if:

  • The broker should have explained the risks involved and made sure the risks matched your attitude to risk.
  • You should have been asked to go through a “Fact Find” with the broker, this fact find should have been used by the broker to ascertain your attitude to risk, financial and personal circumstances.
  • If the Stocks and Shares you were sold went against the results of the fact find or if no fact find took place.
  • If you were provided with information from the broker about the stocks and shares that was mis-leading.
  • Depending on your attitude to risk you were exposed to stocks and shares that were classed as High Risk?
  • Did you feel pressurised into buying the stocks and shares offered to you?

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