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If you have lost money after you have made an investment with your bank or Financial Advisor in to an ISA, Investment Bond, Capital Protected Bond, With Profits Bond, Personal Equity Plan (PEP) or Unit Trust or believe that another type of Investment product was mis-sold to you then you could be entitled to compensation.


What is a mis-sold investment?


What is a Mis-sold Investment?

If you have lost money after you have made an investment with your bank or Financial Advisor then this investment may have been wrongly sold and you could be entitled to compensation.

What is an Investment?

An Investment can be taken out with a bank or Financial Advisor and the clients money is usually placed in to an ISA, Investment Bond, Capital Protected Bond, With Profits Bond, Personal Equity Plan (PEP), Managed Portfolio or Unit Trust or another kind of investment product, if the client has lost money or their attitude to risk was not followed then the product could have been mis-sold and they could be entitled to compensation.

What are Investment Bonds.

Investment Bonds are a life insurance policy which involves a lump sum being invested into different funds that are available. Each Bond contains a different level of risk so you may have been sold a Bond which was too risky for your personal and financial circumstances.

What is a Stocks and Shares ISA.

An ISA allow you to save money tax free. Unlike a Cash ISA a Stocks & Shares ISA is not safe and contains risks which mean you may have lost money due to the rise and fall of the Financial Markets.

As these are linked to the stock market your investment can lose money as well as gaining, you should have been advised that you might get less money than you invested.

What are Unit Trusts.

Unit Trusts allow you to join forces with other investors and pool your money together.   Unit Trusts are not risk free and your investment will be subject to the risk of being linked to the stocks and shares market.

What is a Capital Protected Bond

A Capital Protected Bond offers you potential growth without the risk of losing capital.

You should receive you full capital back providing the investment was kept open for the full term that was agreed.

If you have only received back your original Capital then you have in real terms made a loss as your capital has not earned you any interest during the period your Capital has been invested.

What are Open Ended Investments (OEIC’s)

There are always risks when taking out an OEIC, setting up an OEIC can be very costly which will have an impact on how the fund performs. If you have not been informed of the high set up charges or the OEIC was too risky for your personal and financial circumstances then the product could have been mis-sold to you.

What is a Managed Portfolio

A Managed Portfolio is usually used so that any risk can be spread across different assets.

Your portfolio Manager is responsible for making sure your capital is invested to meet your requirements and will decide on which products should be bought, sold or held with your invested capital.

As stocks and share are not risk free the products your portfolio holds should match your attitude to risk.

What are with Profit Bonds

With Profit Bonds were designed for investors who were wanting to investment into a low risk investment.

Investors were advised to invest into With Profit Bonds, the money then buys a sum assured which the Insurance Company invests into a wide range of assets.

Your investment should increase in value each year as the Insurance Company pays you an annual bonus.


Why could it have been mis-sold?


All cases of potential mis-sold investments are different. Your Investment may have been mis-sold if:

  • Your attitude to risk was not followed and the product you were sold was riskier than you requested or than your financial circumstances allowed.
  • The Advisor did not explain any risks associated with the investment.
  • You were not made aware that you could lose some or all of your invested capital.
  • You were at an age where a product may have been unsuitable.
  • You were not advised on how your money was going to be invested.
  • You were advised that your investment was 100% secure and your capital was completely safe.
  • You were only offered one product and no alternatives were provided.
  • You were advised to invest over 50% of your savings or available capital into the investment.
  • You were not made aware of any charges associated with the investment, this could be either an annual fee or early closure charges.
  • You’re personal circumstances and financial circumstances were not taken into consideration.

Our specialised  team will talk to you about your personal circumstances and needs when the investment was taken out, we will then  prepare a detailed complaint (Where mis selling has taken place)  to send to the bank or financial advisor so they can assess your claim and agree with the fact it has been mis sold.


Our Promise


Our Promise to you:

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  • We will not charge you any upfront fees.
  • Your claim will be handled by one of our experienced advisors.
  • We will not under any circumstances pressure you into pursuing a claim or fight any claims that we feel will be of detriment to your personal circumstances.
  • We will provide you with regular updates throughout the duration of your claim.

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Mis-sold Investments successes

Mrs Walton from Lincolnshire won £57,200 from St James Place after being mis-sold an Investment Bond, Mrs Walton was a first time investor who was advised to invest £50000 into a Bond which was high risk.  After 4 years the value of the bond had decreased to £29935.

Mrs Walton said “I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Eagle Claims for all their help for my very successful claim of the mis-sold investment, which resulted in me being awarded £57200, you have all been very helpful and supportive throughout the whole process, we could not have achieved this without the help of Eagle Claims.".


Mr Wade from South Yorkshire won £12,390.15 from Britannia Building Society who sold him an Axa Wealth Investment Bond. Mr Wade was a first time investor who wanted a low risk product to invest his money in to.  Mr Wade invested £55000 in 2006 and withdrew his funds after 3 years making a loss of over £9000.

Mr Wade said “I just wish to say a big thank you to Eagle claims for taking on my problem of a mis-sold investment. I did not think I would receive a penny back, but due to Eagle Claims, I received all of my original losses. I’ve already recommended Eagle claims to one of my work mates who also lost out on investments the same as me, when we finished working and retired”.


Mr Jones from Leicestershire won £12274.38 from Lloyds bank who mis-sold him and his partner a Flexible Bond.  Mr Jones was a first time investor whose capital was invested in to a bond which carried a higher level of risk that Mr Jones had wanted.

Mr Jones said “We suspected that we had been mis-sold an investment product, we received a prompt, efficient and considerate service from Eagle Claims”.


Miss Horne from Oxfordshire won £10274.01 from Lloyds Bank after investing £10000 into a Scottish Widows ISA, Miss H was looking for a no risk product to invest, Miss H’s money was invested into a Growth Fund which consisted of ISA’s and Unit Trusts which was above her requested attitude to risk.    Miss Horne withdrew her funds after 3 years with a loss over £4000.

Miss Horne said “Eagle Claims processed my claim with very little contact required by me. It required time by them to process my claim as I had no information as to the original ISA documentation. The result they obtained for me was a settlement of £10274.01. Excellent service from Chris and the team at Eagle Claims”.


Mr Cosford from Derbyshire won £9581.62 from the Halifax, Mr C was a first time investor who was looking for a low risk product, after 2 years the client had lost around £5000 so he withdrew his capital.

Mr Cosford said “Eagle Claims process was quick, easy and professional, my claim was successfully completed within a couple of weeks of speaking to Eagle Claims, I was delighted to receive £9581.62 in compensation as before I got in contact with Eagle Claims I had written off the losses that I had sustained when taking out my Personal Investment Plan with the Halifax”.


Mr Horne from Oxfordshire won £7244.62 from Lloyds Bank after investing £7000 into a Scottish Widows ISA, Mr H wanted a low risk product and his money was placed into a Growth Fund which was above his stated attitude to risk. After 3 years Mr Horne’s ISA was only worth £4078 and he withdrew his capital.

Mr Horne said “For those amongst us unsure of how to approach a claim which may not be straightforward, Eagle Claims Ltd made the whole process (for me at least) extremely simple. It was a matter of completing their supplied paperwork with as much detail as you have available & then to my surprise a settlement had been reached within 2 weeks. Yes, there is a fee to be paid for the work Eagle Claims have done on your behalf but I was prepared to take the gamble & accept paying the fee instead of potentially not having a successful claim if I had attempted to process it myself. Thank you to Chris & the staff for the excellent communications throughout.


Mr Parkinson from Essex won £5581.46 from Barclays who sold him a Woolwich Protected FTSE Plan.  Mr Parkinson was a first time investor who only gained £142 from his £20000 investment over a 3 year period. 

Mr Parkinson said “After seeing an advert on television about claiming back investment money if misadvised I looked on the Internet for a company to represent me on claiming back money I was entitled too.  I called Eagle Claims and was greeted with a very polite professional who explained what was needed to do a claim. Paperwork was sent out to me and once I returned it to Eagle Claims within weeks I had my claim through and I was awarded over £5000.  Eagle Claims is a five star personal service for investment claims, lovely people and fast outcome they keep you inform throughout the claim..Do not look elsewhere Eagle Claims are the best, would recommend them every time. Thank You".


Mr Hawthorn from Fife won £3149.35 from Aviva, Mr H had a low attitude to risk and invested in to a Guaranteed Capital Bond with Aviva.  Mr H was advised that his Capital could grow up by up to 40% but when his investment ended he only received his Capital back with no interest.

Mr Hawthorn said “Eagle Claims provided a very good smooth service and he no complaints


Mrs Canto from Northumberland won £2759.55 from Openwork Ltd, Mrs C was a Inexperienced Investor looking for a Low Risk product with guaranteed gains.

Mrs Canto said “Great and professional service, the process was painless and efficient and I received more funds that I thought I would receive.


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