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Who are Eagle Claims Ltd?

We are a family run claims management company which has been in business for over 5 years.  During that time we have specialised in processing financial claims against High Street Banks and Financial Institutions.

How much do we Charge?

Eagle Claims Ltd does not charge any upfront fees. If we are successful in obtaining compensation for you then our fee structure will be as follows:

Payment Protection Claims 30%+vat  = 36% inclusive of VAT (click to see Fee Graph)
Packaged Bank Account Claims 30%+vat = 36% inclusive of VAT (click to see Fee Graph)
Investment Claims 25%+vat = 30% inclusive of VAT (click to see Fee Graph)
Endowments 30%+vat = 36% inclusive of VAT (click to see Fee Graph)

Am I eligible to make a claim?

Our professionally trained team will discuss your case with you to ascertain your state of affairs at the time the policy or bank account was sold to you. In most circumstances we will be able to tell you after the initial discussion if we think you have a possible claim to submit. 

Why Should I Choose Eagle Claims

Eagle Claims have so far assessed over 26000 complaints and your claim will be handled by our team of experienced case handlers who have a desire to put your money back in your pocket.

Can you still help me if I do not have the paperwork from the sale?

Yes, you are still able to put in the complaint without the paperwork, we are able to write to the bank on your behalf to obtain any documents that they have relating to the sale.

I no longer have the Investment or Account can I still claim? 

Yes you can, if the investment has matured or cashed in or the accounts that your complaint relates to has been closed then you are still eligible to put in a complaint for the mis-selling.

How Long does a claim take to process? 

If the bank uphold you complaint without it going to the Ombudsman then you it will usually take up between 2-4 months.

Will this affect me if I still bank with this business?

No this will not affect your relationship with the Bank or Financial Institution that you are making the claim about, it will also not affect  your credit rating. The Financial Conduct Authority who regulates the banks do not allow any company to disadvantage a customer because they’ve made a complaint. 

Are Eagle Claims Regulated?

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Firm Reference Number (FRN) 837930.

What happens if my case is lost?

If your case is initially turned down and we think you have a chance of success  then we will take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service, the Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent organization that will review the case and give an unbiased and independent decision on whether or not compensation should be awarded on the case.

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